New DX version is HERE!

Yes, Digimn Chronicles: The Alpha Chosen - EP1 DX is finally here! If you haven't played the original game yet, I highly recommend you to play this one instead! Here's a list of changes to the new version:

- Bugs fixed;
 - Dialogue revised (specially in english);
- GUI/UX enhancements and new prompts;
- Art details fixed/tweaked;
- New sounds and some new ones revised/changed;
- Voiceovers for the evolutions and skills for humans, digimon and bosses;
- Analog stick support;
- The tamer now dies forever (Game Over), while his digimon still just restart the stage;
- New Opening sequence added.

I hope you like the new stuff!


The Alpha Chosen - EP1 DX 213 MB
Feb 16, 2019

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