A downloadable Digimon Chronicles for Windows

Have you ever wanted to play a Digimon game in platform/action style? Well, so this fan-game is for you!

This is Digimon Chronicles, an ambicious fan-game saga where you play as 9 original digi-destined as they have to become friends with their Digimon and with themselves.

The game has 3 playable team of characters (digi-destined and digimon each), 7 stages, 5 bosses and action-platform galore.

But even if you finish this game, it's just the beginning...

This saga has 10 episodes in total, each is a short fan-game telling a part of that story:

The first game released is The Alpha Chosen - Episode 1.

Play as Tyson, Jackie or Kaname with their Digimon: Kotemon, Flamon and Hyokomon. Travel File Island and search for answers about this strange Digital World. Defeat bad guys who will try to stop the human prophecy and you might just save both worlds!

This game is available for free!

Install instructions

1. Download the version of the game you prefer;

2. Install the DirectXWeb if you don't have it yet;

3. Run the game or follow the install instructions;

4. The first time it may take a while to execute;

5. PLAY!


Installer - The Alpha Chosen EP1 142 MB
EXE - The Alpha Chosen EP1 144 MB
EXE - The Alpha Chosen EP1 (64) 152 MB
Art Pack - Wallpapers & Icons 26 MB


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hi  hi,your game is very very awesome!!!

Why, thank you!